Welcome to the Cessnock Motorcross Club Inc.

Welcome to our new club website and official unveiling of our new club name

Cessnock Motorcross Club Inc. welcomes new and existing junior and senior riders. Our classes range from Nippers (4yrs) to Over 35’s. We conduct 7 Round Point Scores throughout the year and numerous practice days, this can been seen on our Calendar page. The club also holds an open event every year in March being the Keith Allen Classic which is named after the club founder Keith Allen.

The track is 1565 metres of groomed loamy dirt and race ready for an enjoyable day.

So if you are looking for a challenging track and friendly people to spend your Sundays give our club Secretary a call for more information.

Santa’s Coming to Town

Incase you have missed it, Santa is coming to town.  All of us at Cessnock Motorcross Club would like to wish all of our members and followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Kids – don’t forget to put your orders in for new bikes and gear, I know Cessnock Motorcycles, Newcastle …


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